Welcome to the International Plastic Modelers Society, chapter of Puerto Rico, “TheBuccaneers”. Our chapter is dedicated to promoting the hobby through the community during events, exhibitions, and competitions. The benefits of this hobby are many, but we can point out some like knowledge, rebuilding and keeping history alive, interpreting the technological developments of the past, representing three-dimensionally ideas, images, and drawings, developing precision and manual skills, as well as the partnership between demand our thinking. Learn about the use and recycling of different materials. To promote family togetherness. Perform representations of facts or events, such as scenes from the past, historical events, etc. Promote research in order to achieve maximum realism and historical accuracy of the project and occupy free time productively. Our website is divided into modules that you can navigate by pressing a clicking on the name list on the upper side of the main page.  Feel free to contact us If you want to join us, we reunite once a month and we perform tutorials, among other things.

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